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Welcome to Modern Work's Stories 365 free online community. Here we discuss and present practical use cases of Microsoft 365 apps. If you are keen on implementing practical solutions using Microsoft 365 platform, you must join this free community. 💯🆓

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At Modern Work, we are super excited to bring you a free online community where we will share series of regular user stories
Don't let your important videos in Microsoft Stream go unwatched. 📺👍

Here is how to feature (aka spotlight or pin) videos to Stream Home Page…
You uploaded a new video to Microsoft Stream say a recording of you an online meeting. How do your team members get to know that…
Okay now you recorded that remote online meeting with few of your team members and want to share the recording with rest of the team…
I get this question a lot. How do I share meeting recordings with external participants? Simply answer is, you cannot. Microsoft Stream does not support…

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