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August 23, 2020
Hey there,

At Modern Work, we are super excited to bring you a free online community where we will share series of regular user stories (aka use cases) of using Microsoft 365 apps and services. 

If you have any questions or suggestions for use stories you want us to cover, you can join this community and leave a comment here. Alternately you can reach us using the live chat bubble on this site. 

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Mustafa Haydar Bayzan

Hi Jag,

Thanks for doing great stuff. This function of site could be very beneficial for many people.

Let's me ask my first question here. What I would like do is combining many sharepoint online list into one sharepoint online list.

We have lots of ongoing projects. Each project has its own sharepoint site. Each sharepoint site has its own sharepoint online lists for instance "Lessons Learned List" and each project manager adding queries to these lists in their own sharepoint site.

I need to show all these Lessons Learned List queries in one Sharepoint Online List at different sharepoint site (project portfolio site). So I need to combine these all queries.

Can you guide me?

Thanks in advance,
Mustafa Bayzan

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