Master Microsoft Stream by Jag Kakarlapudi

Master Microsoft Stream

This free online course is for people who want to learn how to manage and securely host internal business videos.

Hi, I’m Jag, and I built Master Microsoft Stream to help people like you manage and securely host internal business videos. 

If you’ve always wanted to…

  • Learn how to host your business videos securely
  • Incorporate video into your organisational communications 
  • Maximise your return on investment (ROI) on Office 365 

 …then this course is for you!

In this 3 module program, I’ve included everything you need to know, including: 

  • Learn the basics of Microsoft Stream. 
  • Learn how to manage and administer Microsoft Stream using best practices. 
  • Learn about real-world business use cases for Microsoft Stream.
  • Learn about limitations of Microsoft Stream. 
  • Learn how to integrate Microsoft Stream with other Office 365 applications and services. 

Master Microsoft Stream is now open, and I invite you to enroll today to start your own enterprise-grade video portal and maximise your Office 365 ROI! 
Enroll Today For Free!

What is Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is an intelligent video service part of your Office 365 subscription which makes it easy to create, securely share, and interact with video, whether in a team or across your organization. Using Microsoft Stream you can: 
  • Host all your business videos in a central secure location. 
  • Create compelling communications using Video.
  • Deliver video based learning to your employees.

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