Employee Net Promoter Score System by Modern Work Group

Employee Net Promoter Score System

Stop struggling to improve employee engagement and productivity in your business.

Why you should sign-up to this online step-by-step guided training program?

If you've always wanted to...

  • Improve your employee engagement
  • Support your employees to be productive
  • Reduce your employee attrition
  • Create a magnificent work environment
  • Show that you care about your employees 

... then this online step-by-step guided program is for you!

In this online program, we've included everything you need to know to build a functional employee feedback system, including: 

  • What is Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS®) system? 
  • Create the Employee Feedback Form
  • Collect, analyse and act of employee feedback 
  • Track and report employee feedback & eNPS® 

Know your instructor

This online training program is taught by Jag Kakarlapudi. Jag is a certified professional in Microsoft technologies and TOGAF with 15 years of consulting experience. Jag has a master's degree in Software Engineering from The University of Adelaide. His specialities include SharePoint, Office 365, Software Engineering, Solution Design, System Architecture and User Adoption Training. 
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What is the fee to access the training program?

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) system course is to free for forever. 

Is this online training program for me?

This online training program is targeted for: 
  • IT pros supporting HR systems
  • Human Resources Team Members
  • Intranet Managers
... anyone else who want to learn how to build usable business solutions using Office 365 apps in your workplace. 

Do I need IT programming skills to build the business solution?

No. You do not require coding skills to follow and build this business solution. We will teach and support you to build this solution in no time. We promise! 🧚🏼‍♂️ 

Do I need to pay any ongoing licensing fees to keep using Employee Feedback System in my workplace?

If you are already paying for Office 365 Business or Enterprise plans in your business, you are covered. You do not need any additional add-ons or software packages. The whole point of this online step-by-step guided program is to empower you to build usable business solutions using your existing Office 365 licenses!  

Do you provide any support if I get stuck in building the solution?

Yes. We will provide  support for no extra cost to help you build the solution. Just use the live chat feature on the course page to contact our support team. We usually get back to you within the day!

Note: This support does not include building the solution based on your custom business requirements. If you want us to design and build the solution based on your custom business requirements, please checkout Modern Work Business Solutions page for more details or book your free Microsoft 365 Consultation to discuss your requirements. 

Modern Work Group

Modern Work Group is started with the vision to deliver affordable Modern Workplace solution based training and consulting services to small and medium businesses using Microsoft 365 platform. We believe in improving employee productivity using Out of the Box features in Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. 
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