Microsoft Power Platform – Discussion with Geetha Sivasailam

podcast Mar 17, 2019

May the Flow be with you!! 😎

In episode 10 of the Stories of Modern Work Podcast, I speak with Geetha Sivasailam a Consultant specializing in the Microsoft Power Platform as our guest to share her experiences and thoughts on Office 365 and Power Platform.

This is a must listen episode for anyone who is interested in getting started with Microsoft Power Platform. You can listen to the episode here or subscribe to it on either Apple Podcasts or Spotify. 

Episode Summary

Here are some key points we discussed in the episode.

  1. Introduction to the #PowerAddicts community
  2. Overview of Power Platform – the three main building blocks – Flow, PowerApps and Power BI
  3. Power Platform as glue for business data and services
  4. Perquisites for building apps using Power Platform
  5. Employee On-boarding use case using Power Platform
  6. Challenges of Change Management in organisations where they have already made prior investments in classic apps and experiences
  7. Backup and Restore strategy for PowerApps, Flows
  8. Need for recycle bin in Microsoft Flow
  9. How to debug Flow
  10. Best Practice to manage Team Flows
  11. Resources and strategies you can used to master the Power Platform.
  12. Need for version control for PowerApps* and Flow

[Update 20th March 2019:  PowerApps does support version control mechanism where you can restore a previous version. However, the ability to leave version comments is still not supported even though there is a placeholder for comments.

Flow does not have version control yet!]

Connect with Geetha Sivasailam

I highly encourage you to follow Geetha either or Twitter or LinkedIn to be part of the Power Platform community.

Twitter LinkedIn

Links to resources mentioned in the episode.

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