How to migrate from Trello to Microsoft Planner

how to guide Apr 29, 2019

In this mini vlog series from Modern Work Training and Consulting, we bring you step by step instructional videos on how to migrate from Trello to Migration Planner. Migration of tasks from Trello to Microsoft Planner has been requested very often during our training and consulting engagements. Here is your step by step 'How To Guide' on how to migrate from Trello to Microsoft Planner. 

Step 1: Export tasks from Trello

Step 2: Prepare the exported data

Step 3: Migrate the task information to Planner

Additional Resources:

Download the sample Microsoft Flow package used to load the exported data into Microsoft Planner in step 3 here.

Here is the link to the free 3rd party service used to convert JSON data to CSV file.

If you need further help to set up Microsoft Planner and migrate your existing Trello boards across, please feel free to reach us using the chat functionality here.

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