Chat with Joel Oleson on various aspects of Office 365 – A must listen episode!

podcast Feb 09, 2019

In episode 6 of the Stories of Modern Work Podcast, I spoke with Mr Joel Oleson a Microsoft MVP as our guest to share his experiences and thoughts on Office 365 as a Modern Work tool.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Here are some key points we discussed in the episode.

  • Joel shared the genesis of Office 365. The story about how it all started!
  • Office 365 Feature Release cadence (inner ring and outer ring) and how to deal with ever changing product suite.
  • Feedback on Office 365 message center and roadmap.
  • Targeted Release vs Standard Release – Which one should you be on?
  • Modern Work is about taking the advantage of the tools and technologies today to work the best you can right now!
  • OneDrive for Business – File On-Demand is changing the way users think about the cloud file storage.
  • OneDrive for storage limits.
  • Setting up Information Architecture using Hub Sites, Managed Metadata, User segmentation using location based metadata classification.
  • Guidance on how to deal with out of the box limitations in Office 365 Apps and Services.
  • Usage of the Power Platform starting to pick up and users are already getting some business value.
  • Guidance on InfoPath Form migrations.
  • Strengths of Office 365 when compared with other similar SaaS products.
  • Easy of using Microsoft Stream
  • Guidance on branding Office 365 Apps.
  • Windows Edge using Chromium browser engine will bring in the possibility to use browser extensions to enhance UX of Office 365 users.
  • Guidance on Yammer vs Microsoft Teams

Links mentioned in the episode:

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