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Office 365 for Human Resources Teams

Learn how to use Office 365 effectively in Human Resources Teams. You will learn how to build and manage real-world human resources business solutions using...

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Office 365 for IT Managers and Administrators

Everything you need to know about how to plan, rollout and manage Office 365 Tenant in your organisation.

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Learn Office 365 Groups Administration and Governance

Everything you need to fix and maintain Office 365 Groups in your modern workplace without spending big bucks!

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What is Office 365 & How to use it effectively?

Get the right answers to the most confusing aspects of knowing and using Office 365 Modern Workplace platform.

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Create Employee Feedback System using Office 365

Learn how to build and manage a complete Employee Feedback System including eNPS survey using Office 365 platform.

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Master Microsoft Stream

Learn everything about Microsoft Stream (part of your Office 365 subscription) to host and share videos securely in your organisation.

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